How to engage in self care

Self-care means a process of establishing behaviours to protect well-being. Taking care of ourselves can enhance our work productivity, help us to cope with daily stressors and fosters resilience. In order to truly take care of ourselves, we just need to start prioritising our needs, which can be a difficult process. A part of our culture always emphasises on taking care of others.  But we can only serve others when our cup is full.

We can begin by trying small steps and then slowly move bringing about bigger changes. Consistency is the key.


Simple ways to engage in self-care on daily basis:

Eating a healthy meal and getting 7 hours of sleep

Taking care of one’s body is how we are also taking care of ourselves

Connecting with people we like to engage

We are humans and fulfilling our needs of love, care, connection helps us feel alive. 

Distance away from things that exhaust us

Preserving our energy is what serves us. Moving away and taking the needed pause is important to rejuvenate

Practicing mindfulness practices

Engaging in breathing exercise where one can inhale slowly as if they are filling themselves with calmness and exhale slowly as a way to remove all the stress. This helps activate our parasympathetic nervous system and relaxes our body. Starting and ending our day with 3 minutes of breathing exercise can help feel relaxed.

Engaging in physical exercise

Engaging in any physical exercise like gym, taking a walk, karate, stretching, yoga, dance etc. for at least 10 minutes in the morning. Physical exercise can release endorphins which helps to manage stress and alleviate mood.

Simplifying our routine

engage in tasks, activities and relationships which adds value in your life. Ask yourself before engaging ‘what am I doing?’ ‘How does it help me’?

Learning new things

engaging in new learning enables our mind to feel more productive and also adds to our skillset.


pen down your thoughts, make daily to-do lists of personal/ professional commitments, your ideas, worries and expressing gratitude. Spend 5 mins in the morning and 5 mins before sleeping in journaling.

These are not just self-care tools but rather lifestyle change which enhances your overall mood, stress and health. It takes 30 mins out of 24 hours of day. Make your self-care as your priority and choose your tools to promote your well-being.

Grounding practice

Grounding means ‘earthing’ connecting physically with the earth. Grounding exercises helps a person to deepen their awareness to the present and reduces stress, anxiety and somatic illness. 



To start with grounding exercise, there are 5 simple steps to follow-

Step 1

find a comfortable place- where your entire body or even small part of your body is touching the ground. If you’re practising in your room or house you can sit on the floor or lie down, in the office or class keep your bare foot touching the floor. A calm place needs to be chosen with minimal distractions.

Step 2

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Inhale- longer and deeper breaths and exhale- slowly and gradually. Focus on breathing till your belly becomes soft and breathing becomes comfortable.

Step 3

Draw your attention towards the ground or floor where your body is touching and try to connect with the present moment of ‘how that touch makes you feel’?

Step 4

Shift your focus on your entire body and observe whatever sensations you feel at the moment.

Step 5

As you feel calmness and are more connected to your body now, count backwards 10-1 then open your eyes and drink a glass of water. Later, you can introspect through penning down your thoughts  or continue with your tasks.

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